TXT Record

The TXT record provides text information to sources outside your domain. The text can be either human or machine-readable and can be used for a variety of purposes. Typically, it contains general information about the domain name and also valuable details for verification purposes and email validation.

The TXT record has the following look in your ICBS SYSTEMS Control Panel:

Host:Type:Points to:TTL
hostname.comTXTwhateveryouwanttopoint1 Hour

Why do you need a TXT record?

Many providers such as Google, Office 365, etc, often require a special verification code via TXT record to be added in your DNS zone. That way you prove them you are the actual owner of that particular domain name.

Another common use of the TXT record is for SPF, DKIM, DMARC domain keys as well.

How to create a DNS TXT record?

Log in your ClouDNS account, enter your DNS zone management page, and click on the Add new record button. For Type choose TXT and type as follow:

Type: TXT
TTL: 1 Hour
Points to: whereveryouwanttopoint

TXT Record vs CNAME Record

CNAME is a standard DNS record that redirects your domain's subdomain to another domain or hostname. This is its main and the only goal.

The TXT record works in a different manner. The TXT record holds human and/or machine-readable text. It cannot redirect your domain to anywhere. It is mostly used for verification purposes and for storing SPF data.

How to start managing TXT records for your domain name?

  1. Open free account from here - free forever
  2. Verify your e-mail address
  3. Log into your control panel
  4. Create new Master DNS from the [add new] button - read more here
  5. Add the TXT records you need as it is described in this article

Support of TXT records

ICBS SYSTEMS provides full support for TXT records for all our DNS services, including the listed below. Just write to our technical support, if you need any assistance with your TXT records configuration. Our Technical Support team is online for you 24/7 via live chat and tickets.

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